Begin your search 3-5 weeks before you want occupancy. Manhattan has a shorter lead time than many other cities and if you begin your search too early you will be viewing apartments that are available before you need occupancy.

Organize your priorities and prioritize them. What variables are important to you? i.e. price, size, location, etc.

Take notes when you view apartments so they don't all blend together.


You must bring a checkbook or have US money available.

When you see the apartment you really want you must be prepared to move fast.

Generally a "good faith" check is required to get the process moving forward and hold the apartment for you.

If you get the apartment, most landlords require first month's rent and security deposit equal to one month's rent upon lease signing.

Most landlords in New York City require that you earn yearly 40 to 50 times the amount of the monthly rent.

Have your credit information organized and available.

You will need bank account information, credit card numbers and an employment letter.

Newly constructed high rise buildings with amenities usually including state-of-the-art health clubs, some with pools and jogging tracks.

High rise postwar (World War II) elevator doorman buildings with generous room sizes.

Low rise non-doorman elevator buildings or walk-ups with locked intercom security.

Turn of the century brownstone walk-ups or with elevators. Some with original charm, others newly renovated.