We make finding your home as comfortable as living in it. Our Properties
Spencer Realty specializes in distinctive residential properties in Manhattan. Since its inception in 1984, Spencer has been known for its personalized service and professional attitude. As one delighted customer remarked, "They really listen to your needs and get it right the first time."
Our Resources
Our listing department is fully computerized with state of the art computer equipment. We have one of the most extensive databases in Manhattan. We also maintain a user-friendly website and are part of the national home finding homeadvisor.com. Our listing department provides our agents with the most up-to-date information on availability and specific building requirements. With superb inventory of listings your Spencer Agent is always eager to help you.
Our Clients
Our rental and sale clients and customers come from the corporate world of consultants, investment banking, insurance, communications, law and medicine. The people we serve range from recent MBAs to Fortune 500 CEOs. The welcome mat is always out for Spencer Realty agents whether we are co-broking with other realtors or dealing with property owners and managers. Our agents get results and follow the transaction through until the deal is closed or the lease signed.
Our Agents
Our President, Brenda Spencer, and our associates always leave customers feeling they were superbly taken care of. Our agents are experienced, licensed professionals who are friendly and knowledgeable. Spencer agents provide attention to the details of your needs. More importantly, professional integrity has always been a vanguard of this company. Our approach is: we ask the right questions, listen to the answers and focus on your needs. Spencer agents will match you with exactly the right apartment. We know time is your most precious resource. At Spencer Realty, we understand when finding a home in Manhattan it is critical to "get it right the first time."